An AlpineFusion solution can be integrated with an existing Web site and network connection or built from the ground up according to your specifications.
The LocalFusion model is for snowschools with a dial-up Internet connection. It features continuous access to all of the AlpineFusion registration and business tools. Registration information updates and website management duties are accomplished when you dial-up.
Snowschools with an 'always-on' highspeed connection or dedicated phone line will benefit from the RemoteFusion deployment model. It features all of the AlpineFusion site and business management tools operating on real-time data. You are always in touch with the most current registration information possible.
The IntegratedFusion model is designed for snowschools which have already invested in a website but need to add online registration capabilities. An AlpineFusion registration module is independent of your web host and integrated with the look and feel of your current site.
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