Online wizard makes registration easier
How does the Saturday 9:30 time slot look?
Transfer and back up data with a single click
  • until 2002 lesson enrollment was done with traditional paper registration forms
  • a basic online registration was introduced in November2002
  • since then, more time slots have been introduced, increasing complexity of both the registration process and scheduling of classes
  • annual registration numbers have increased in recent years, and trends have followed weather patterns resulting in large influxes during periods of good conditions
  • provide customers with a convenient registration process, minimizing the possibility of confusion created by the number of choices available at the Ski School
  • supply Ski School with tools to manage workload with maximum efficiency
  • reduce ticket confusion and resource allocation
  • allow for handling of 'rush' conditions when registration volume spikes
AlpineFusion has refined the online registration system used by Kawartha Ski and Snowboard School. The system provides improved user friendliness and convenience to Kawartha's Customers. Snowschool management have control over the Wizard's configuration, right down to time slot availability.
  • more than 50% of total registrations are received online which reduces office workload
  • customer service levels have increased along with registration numbers
  • staff monitors registration volume regularly and in real-time
  • organization and planning is made easier by the data-rich reports which the system generates at the click of a button
  • all lift ticket requirements are met with minimum resource requirements
  • 'spikes' in registration volume are easily handled online - the office telephone rings less
2003 AlpineFusion Technology